Chair's Message

Netherlands, July 1 2014

Dear friends & colleagues,

As the new Chair of HCI appointed June 23 in Minneapolis US, I want to thank my predecessor Mr. Miguel Herrera for all efforts put into HCI by him. Miguel has always promoted HCI where and when he could and spoke very highly about all his colleagues from all over the world. Miguel was also the man who motivated the Portuguese and three South American associations to join HCI. Thank you Miguel! Hopefully you will keep representing EAHH within HCI.

HCI also arrived at the point where decisions have to be made. Every connected association has to answer to its members on the undertaken activities . So does HCI. During the 2014 HCI Board of Directors meeting it was decided to give HCI a new face and a new voice. Therefore the Board members decided to bring back to their respective Boards the proposition to start a project in cooperation with the NFESH, Iseco International and – in second place with the Center For Gastrology. The project aims to build a platform where malnutrition, foodwaste and especcially healthy aging will get the attention that it deserves. Because we all know that in our aging world the issues connected to the growing and graying part of the world population will appeal more and more on our skills, experiences and common sense. We also strongly believe that one of the most eye-catching initiaves from last year, The Worlds Biggest Teaparty, perfectly fits into this project!

HCI will also keep on promoting itself around the world, whenever and wherever we can. I trust you all will support this and help us grow and enable us to give hands and feet to our new project. Only when we grow our voice will be heard and our face will be seen more and more. All for the sake of a healthy Healthcare Foodservice and a strong Global network.

As your new Chair I will do my utmost to support this ambitious goal whenever and wherever I can. I also hope to meet many of you in the years to come.

Stay well!

We are better together!

Bob Mulder