Chair's Message

Welcome and best wishes to all the HCI members and others who read this new website.

In the last Board meetings, we have discussed the importance of having a common tool that allows our members to be in touch and understand what it is being accomplished within the federation. Obviously, there are big distances between our countries and it is not always easy to travel to the different events. So, I believe that this is the best way to be informed of the reality and goals that we are working together to accomplish.

We wish to give our website a new perspective, focusing on making it more participative and dynamic, in order to create a community of users. This new website will become a meeting point for everyone who wishes to connect with other people responsible for facility services in healthcare institutions. We must take advantage of the collective capacities that we all possess.

The central idea is that people connect not only with other people but with shared objectives. We are working to create an open window to knowledge, communication and information, with the best techniques that we have in the market. I hope that we will reach this objective in the near future and that the website will be viewed often.

Times are changing and we must be aware of it. The global market, the common thoughts and the universal situations provide opportunities for learning how how different people in different countries are doing things that could be applicable in ours.

To encourage this, we think that the development of this new HCI website can be a very useful tool that will be seen from every part of the world. It must be the permanent way of keeping in contact between meetings. All has to be done with the purpose of attracting more professionals to join to the HCI community.

Taking note of all the hard work that our colleagues have done in the past years and the evolution of this young federation, it is time to spread the word around the world. Despite the language barriers, we must work toward this common goal.

I invite all HCI members to participate and collaborate in topics of general concern with the objective of creating a professional media. I also invite other associations or federations to become part of HCI, no matter from what country you are from. All of you are welcome. We are better together!

Miguel A. Herrera